Energy Upgrade

It is a co-financed program that motivates citizens to improve the energy effi-ciency of their home, saving money and energy and increasing its value.
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Loan pre-approval (bank branch) - first energy inspection


Submission of application and supporting documents - Submission of application by interested party - bank loan - disbursement of advance payment.


Implementation of Interventions - second Energy Inspectorate.


Submission of supporting documents - disbursement of other loan and grant.

Frequently asked questions:

Which homes can be funded?
Eligible residences are all single-family homes, apartment buildings and individual apartments (without additional condition) that meet ex-clusively the following criteria: • They are located in areas with a zone price lower than or equal to 2,100 € / sq.m. • They have been classified based on the Energy Performance Certificate in a category lower or equal to D. There is no restriction of the number of properties per citi-zen, while in apartment buildings those owners who do not wish to join the program can participate with equity. Also included are vacant apartments that have been inhabited for the past three years.
Who can join the Program - With what motives?
- Individual Income -- Basic Grant Percentage Grant Increase- Grant per dependent child- Maximum Grant Percent-age
Category Individual Income Family Income Basic Grant Percentage Grant Increase Grant per dependent childMaximum Grant Percent-age
1. up to 10.000 up to 20.000 60% 5% 70%
2. > 10.000 up to 15.000 > 20.000 up to 25.000 50% 5% 70%
3. > 15.000 up to 20.000 > 25.000 up to 30.000 40% 5% 70%
4. > 20.000 up to 25.000 > 30.000 up to 35.000 35% 5% 70%
5. > 25.000 up to 30.000 > 35.000 up to 40.000 30% 5% 50%
6. > 30.000 up to 35.000 > 40.000 up to 45.000 25% 5% 50%
7. > 35.000 > 45.000 0% 0% 0%
It is possible to have a bank a loan of 4/5/6 years, with or without a guarantor, without real estate notice, possibility of immediate repayment of the loan without charges, as well as payment of suppliers / contractors through the bank without the involvement of the citizen. By joining the program, a deposit of 40% of the application budget is provided. The inclusion in the Program requires energy inspections (before and after the interventions), the cost of which is 100% covered by the Program, after the successful implementation of the project. In addition, an expense is covered for a project consultant's fee, up to € 250 without VAT.
For what kind of constructional tasks can I be fund?
The “energy and money upgrade” achieved by the program interventions must correspond to an upgrade of an energy class or to 30% of the energy consumption of the reference building. The eligible interventions concern: 1. Installation of thermal insulation in the shell of the building including the roof and the pilot (additional works such as dismantling and collection, roof interventions eg replacement of tiles, etc.) are included. 2. Replacement of frames and installation of shading systems (including building front door, stairwell frames, shutters, shutters, awnings, etc.). 3. Upgrading the heating system and hot water supply (including replace-ment of equipment for the boiler room and distribution network, installation of solar water heaters, control systems and heating autonomy, etc.). Permission is not required for the implementation of the interventions, nor for the ap-proval of small-scale construction works, except in very special cases. The maximum eligible budget for interventions, including VAT. (which is an eligible cost for the Program) cannot exceed € 15,000 per proper-ty. E.g. A citizen with a family income of € 35,000 for budget work of € 10,000, concludes a 5-year loan in June 2012 amounting to € 6,500 and receives a grant of the remaining amount of € 3,500. The loan instalment is approximately € 110, while the interest that will be charged for the period 1/1/2016 -1/7/2017 is approximately € 80. In addition, he is covered the cost of paying for the energy inspection and his project consultant is paid.