Renovation – Restoration

Renovation - Restoration

    Do you believe that your home is old? You find that some of its spaces need to change? We offer solutions based on your prefer-ences. Our company undertakes the full range of work required with the use of authorised workshops, emphasizing both the quali-ty of construction materials and the observance of schedules. It also gives you the opportunity to control the property in terms of possible urban interventions, which will be discussed with you in order to find solutions based on your needs.

Frequently asked questions:

1What we mean as renovation?
It is the way of applying special techniques and styles, renewing the old to new or highlighting it.
2When is renovation required?
It is generally known that oldness is one of the main reasons for reno-vation. Oldness makes the house expensive and a renovation can make it modern and economical through energy upgrade.
3What procedure should be followed during the renovation?
• Appointments at your place and create renovation proposals. • Project budget and schedule planning. • Project Planning. • Issuance of required licences (EEDMK, pedestrian occupation li-cence for bass collection, etc.) • Deliverable -consummation of construction works.
4What are the advantages of renovation?
The customer has the opportunity to choose the aesthetic and functional changes and the desired financial budget as well as the schedule of work after consultation with our company.
5The renovation is divided into interior and exterior. What about out-door renovation?
Exterior renovation concerns the aesthetic renovation of the out-door space, such as the renovation of the garden or the painting of the building, but also the upgrade of the building from an energy point of view, such as the external thermal facade and the re-placement of windows.
6What about interior renovation?
Interior renovation aims to renovate the interior, for example chang-ing the layout of the space, interior painting of the building, laying floors, renewal of plumbing and electrical installations.