Building permits- arranging arbitrariness

What you need for: Steps to obtain the Engineer certification-buildings per-mits

Important Note: If the engineer finds out that there is an arbitrary construction or an arbitrary change of use of the property, a certificate is NOT composed. The owner has to follow the procedure of Arrangement of the Arbitra-tions..
All above and furthermore:

Steps to regulate arbitrariness - Arbitrary (of buildings) and settlements


Coduction of disquisition- plans

The required disquisition is completed and the final calculation of the fi-ne follows and the automatic redefinition of the amount of the instal-ments by the system.

Final Submission-Certificate of non-arbitrariness

The engineer, after submitting electronically into the system all the re-quired data - studies - supporting documents - declarations and if the fi-ne has been paid in full (or at least 30%) issues the expiration of the ar-bitrary with the Certificate of non-arbitrary.
Important Note: The Engineer's Certificate is now mandatory from 09/21/2011, for each legal transaction (property dealing etc).